My name is Ksenia Isakova. Welcome to my site!

Here you can see my photos,

My lamps and art works, learn about my future photo tours and photo course schedule, and read news about my trips. This site will be expanded and updated as often as possible. You can listen to the music while you view the photos, or you can choose to turn it off. Use the media control button in the upper part of every page to the right of the large picture.

Have fun!


On my site you can view my photos by sections.

href="http://www.kseniaisakova.ru/portfolio/Phototours/">Phototours - we go to photorounds to the different countries, in the most interesting photographic places, look at this!

Curses - the program Curses which I developed and I teach. Also I practise individual lessons.

Countries a photo from the different countries where it was especially interesting to me to remove.

BW is black-and-white certainly. I. It should live separately. Some of them can be in colour, and some only black-and-white.

the World of illusions and Reflections - my favourite which I catch in different glasses of the world. This is adventure, it is what in general cannot be, and for me it is pleasant to learn how to look through, looking in the world on that party of glass.

the Monocle - here poetry from a photo. These pictures as verses, should grow ripe and be born when it is impossible to remove anything else, only a monocle. And as for a writing of poetry for them the special spirit, a state of mind is necessary.

Instagram - there are photos made Iphone and processed by phone are presented. I consider, it is possible what to remove and it is necessary everywhere to develop the photographic skills. And for this purpose the super equipment isn't always necessary. The camera in phone can sometimes be the fine assistant in successful photohunting.

the Miscellaneous - photos which to me are to be carried no to any other section here get. They are good separately.

News - news will appear when something will occur in my photographic life. There will be new photos from travel, invitations in photorounds or new courses. You can write me the letter and subscribe for news.