In June 2012 I went on an exciting trip to Crete to hold a joint wedding photo shoot with Laslo Gabany and participate in his amazing three-day master class. Shooting from behind the super professional’s shoulder is always a great experience. Actually, it wasn’t that easy to stay behind his shoulder at times, which would prompt a sharp response: “Ksenia, out of the picture!” That’s not unlike what I experience with my own students during photo tours. :)

After that I moved to Santorini, where I traveled around the island and shot some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I also practiced taking and sharing photos with Instagram - a good thing, indeed. I believe that it doesn’t matter what equipment you use, as long as you develop your photographic vision and practice your knowledge of composition. My photos from Greece will be uploaded in the ‘Greece’ section, and you can find my mobile photos in the new section


Trip to Santorini, Greece and Venice for Redentore

I will be in Santorini, Greece on July 10-12 and in Venice, Italy for Festa del Redentore on July 14-15. If you are there on these days, I would be glad to offer a private master class or hold a photo shoot.

Santorini has wonderful views, amazing sunsets, a turquoise sea and cliffs, gorgeous white towns and churches under blue roofs.

In Venice I will witness the amazing Festa del Redentore, the second most important event after the Carnival of Venice. The festival has been held for over 500 years to celebrate the end of the plague. During the day, a pontoon bridge is raised over the Canal to Giudecca island, and the lagoon is filled with gondolas and boats decorated with flowers, lights and balloons. In the evening there are fireworks that illuminate the entire lagoon.

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Photos of Moscow in the fog

I have uploaded photos of foggy - or rather smoky - Moscow.

News 1

I have decided that I will open my site today, that today will be its birthday. I will upload new photos from time to time. If you would like to receive notification of new uploads, write to me and I will include you in the mailing list. I promise that it won’t be too often. I would be happy to receive comments, reviews and recommendations from my visitors.