Travel Photography, Level 1

This class offers interactive training. I will share my knowledge and photography know-how, we will discuss photos, hold a joint outdoor photo shoot and analyze the results.

Training program:

Travel photos. Goals and execution. Peculiarities of photo shoots in foreign countries.

Mistakes and how to correct them.

Travel preparation. Things you should know before going.

Portrait, landscape, architecture, city sketches, genre photos. Peculiarities of travel photography.

Our foes and allies. Key shooting angles.

How to avoid shooting things everybody else shoots.

Peculiarities of shooting photos in difficult conditions.

No weather is bad for a photographer. The what ifs…

Our loyal friends. Who can teach us new things.

Outfit for a photo shoot. Gear for you and your friend.

Choice: convenience vs. variability.

What to pack for the trip.

Processing photos. How to avoid making mistakes. Cropping. What to keep and what to delete.

How to learn to photograph strangers on the street.

Geo-specific shooting.

How to establish contact. When and how to remain invisible or attract attention.

Mistakes and their correction.

Photographer safety.

Photographer ethics.

Site shooting, execution of tasks.

Analysis of results, discussion.

Photo processing software, plug-ins and filters.

Demonstration of photos and discussion of editing.

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